Work with AWS Certified DevOps Professionals

Have our expert and dedicated cloud engineers managing your AWS cloud infrastructure with the continuous monitoring of your applications, applying of essential security patches, and instant remedies for business-critical infrastructure issues.

CMS Site Migration from Shared Hosting to AWS

Take your CMS Site from a shared hosting platform to an AWS Cloud Environment and overcome the challenges and risks as regards security and performance that come with shared hosting.

Security Compliance and Cost Optimization

Have excellent security over your AWS cloud with Zehncloud working as your AWS Managed Services Provider and have it deployed at the most affordable and optimized cost.

SaaS Application Architecture and Development

Have our expert and dedicated cloud engineers managing your AWS cloud infrastructure with the continuous monitoring of your applications, applying of essential security patches, and instant remedies for business-critical infrastructure issues.

24/7 Monitoring and Support

Have our expert and dedicated cloud engineers managing your AWS cloud infrastructure with the continuous monitoring of your applications, applying of essential security patches, and instant remedies for business-critical infrastructure issues.

Your Consulting Partner and Service Provider for AWS Managed Services

Have a Complete Business Transformation with the Architecture, Migration, Management, and Optimization of Your AWS Cloud

When you are running a business, you need resources to keep your operations steady, efficient, and at ease. And imagine the efficiency and ease that you could achieve if you are able to have infinite resources on demand. This is where the importance of cloud infrastructure and cloud services come from. And you can have this with Zehncloud.

Zehncloud works as you AWS Managed Services Provider and AWS Cloud Consulting Partner and provides selected services for AWS Cloud. Whether you want to start your journey with the designing and deployment of your AWS Cloud Infrastructure or you need a 24/7 Support and Maintenance to manage and monitor your AWS cloud for you, you can rely on the amazing services we provide with our wonderful team of experienced and expert cloud engineers.

With the services we provide you, you no longer need to deal with over capacity or under capacity servers and incur huge costs. Have us working for your cloud infrastructure for its designing, deployment, and management so you enjoy a pay as you go model for the utilization of resources.

cloud architecture

Cloud Architecture and Designing

We have your needs discussed and then design your cloud architecture well in line with the AWS Well Architected Framework after a complete portfolio assessment.

Security Audit and Cost Optimization

Security Audit and Cost Optimization

Reduce your costs and boost your ROI with targeted optimization for your cloud environment through a continuous evaluation and security audit so that you could overcome any drift that could hamper the security or increase the costs.

Support and Maintenanc

24/7 Support and Maintenance

Continuously keep your business critical resources available for services to your end customers and increase your revenue and customer satisfaction with a continuous monitoring and 24/7 support and maintenance services.


DevOps and Deployment

After architecting and designing the cloud infrastructure, we move you to start upon your AWS cloud journey and leverage it to the best usage with its proper development and deployment.

Cloud Migration Services

Cloud Migration Services

Address your critical business needs and requirements by migrating your legacy applications, mobile backends, database, and websites to cloud infrastructures and overcome the challenges and risks that you face with the shared hosting platforms.

Benefits of AWS Cloud Services

Optimized Costs

With a pay as you go model and elimination of the use of over capacity or under capacity servers, the AWS cloud goes a long way in optimizing the costs for you. You pay only for the resources you are using and only for the time you use them. Moreover, you can scale up and scale down the computing resources based on your requirements and manage the costs even more.

Enhanced Productivity

With your operations over a virtual environment through cloud computing resources, you have a better ease of availability and accessibility. You shall no longer be faced with the needs to have huge hardware infrastructure or manage power backup or security. All this will cater to amazingly enhance your productivity.

Accelerated Business Performance

With all your costs optimized and productivity enhanced with an unlimited access to resources as you need them and everything managed in a virtual environment through cloud infrastructure, you can have an accelerated business performance.

Reduced Time to Market or Time to Production

An AWS cloud provides you with computing resources within minutes and hours rather than in months like in the earlier time. This provides your faster time to markt and you can have your resources deployed quickly with a much higher pace. 

Flexibility in Work with Higher Accessibility to Resources

Cloud Technology brings all your resources over a server which make them more accessible. You can work from anywhere at anytime and on any device. All you need is an internet connection. This provides amazing flexibility in work which in turn enhances performance and productivity.

Instantly Address Business Computing Resources Requirements

An AWS cloud makes it possible to have access to your resources from any place at any point in time. So, you can address all your business computing resource requirements instantly without any need to have a dedicated hardware infrastructure support or other things like power backup and network connectivity.

Why Choose Zehncloud?

With us serving you as your AWS Managed Services Providers and Cloud Consulting Partners, you can have fantastic capabilities with the necessary cloud computing resources right at your hands. 

Experienced and Expert Team of Cloud Engineers

We have a well-experienced team of expert cloud engineers who are well-versed with the nooks and corners of the cloud framework and its working and offer high degree of reliability and quality in their services.

25+ AWS Cloud Implementation Experience

We have been vigorously working on cloud implementation projects and with that working we have an experience of the architecting, development, and deployment of more than 25 AWS Cloud Implementation projects.

24/7 Proactive Monitoring and Support

We make the perfect use of the capabilities of up to 99.9999% uptime offered by amazon web services and maintain your AWS cloud with round the clock monitoring, support and assistance for solving the issues you face with the cloud.

In-built Security and Compliance

Have in-built features and functionalities that will keep your cloud secure and protected round the clock with our DevSecOps experience and expertise.

Performance and Cost optimization

Provide your end users with great application performance experience at optimized costs with the AWS cloud we architect and deploy for you.

Efficient Project Management

We dedicate a project manager for your cloud implementation project and plan the project efficiently while also working around the timelines so that you have your project completed well in time right as per your requirements and expectations.