5 Reasons Why AWS Leads the Cloud Space

Why AWS Leads the Cloud Space ?

Amazon Web Services, or AWS, as it is more popularly known, is a name every business giant is aware of. As the scope for cloud computing has grown, AWS has never failed to surprise its audiences with its stellar services catering to advanced functionalities and features and constant growth. 

Market Statistics reveal that in 2020, AWS has been a $10billion business, thereby becoming the primary profit driver for Amazon. If you look at the cloud space it owns, it’s a whopping 32.4%. That’s almost twice as much the percent of market share owned by its next closest competitor Azure. So, to what does AWS owe this success? What makes AWS lead one-third of the cloud computing market? What approach did AWS use to make itself a distinguished and popular market player in the cloud space? 

Well, the very first thing it did was to remain proactive in identifying and grabbing the opportunity for leading business growth and success. As cloud computing technology was taking pace, AWS was very quick in identifying its capabilities. They knew that cloud computing will serve as a future for business growth and success, and they quickly materialized the opportunity to their benefit, thereby being among the earliest platforms to provide cloud services and solutions. 

AWS is broadly divided into two categories of products, viz., EC2 which is Amazon’s Virtual Machine Service, and Amazon S3, which is the storage system of Amazon. 

With these two products, AWS provides a range of services that help the businesses to manage their organizational workflows better over a cloud interface while saving costs and maintaining security. 

Here are the top five reasons that AWS is a constant in the dynamic cloud computing space. 

5 Reasons to Which AWS Owes Its Success

Cost-Effective and Cost Optimized Services

The major concern for the businesses in today’s dynamic environment is to save costs. Organizations focus on achieving maximum efficiencies at minimum costs. However, as the organizations start taking pace in their operations, their resource requirements keep growing invariably. They need high storage capacities, as well as higher, compute power to run their operations.

Traditionally, organizations look to build these capacities in their on-premise environment. However, building these capacities is costly as you need a separate infrastructure for the storage space and you as well have to take up the maintenance costs. This can become costlier in case the space you have built is in any manner over-capacity or under-capacity.

Moreover, there are times when you go off season and you do not need the servers and compute power at all. However, you are still getting billed for that. This comes as a big fixed cost for your organization, adding up unnecessary burden to your expenditures.

AWS Cloud overcomes all these issues by providing resources on demand on a pay per use basis. By using cloud storage on AWS, you can easily meet the requirements for your business without ever worrying about going under capacity or over capacity. The capacities are scalable and you can alter them as per your requirements.

The pay per use model prevents the burden of fixed cost on the use of compute servers. With AWS, you only pay for what you actually use. For the rest of the times, you can simply turn off the servers and you shall not be billed. This is not only helpful during the off seasons, but you can also leverage this for optimizing your overall operational costs.

Secure and Reliable

As you move your resources and database to cloud platform, security and reliability of the platform comes as a big point of consideration. You have all your useful, confidential, and sensitive information, and you cannot afford to take any risks with those systems and databases. So, you need a highly reliable and secure platform with advanced security patches and encryptions so that your data remains secure and free from the risks of data infringements, leaks, or threats.

With AWS, you can be assured of this security for your resources and data. In fact, with the security features in AWS cloud platform, your database will remain far more secure than it could have been in your on-premise servers and platform. The servers of AWS are spread around the world and configured such that any issues in servers in one region will not at all impact any other server around the world.

Additionally, there are advanced encryption features and functionalities in built in AWS cloud servers which seamlessly prevent the entry of any unauthorized access into your systems. Furthermore, all the AWS servers are constantly monitored and checked for their security and entirely kept up as well which makes AWS the most reliable cloud services platform that businesses are always happy to use.

Highly Accessible and Available

AWS is spread across the world. Presently, it its reach in 245 countries with 76 availability zones for its servers. These availability zones allow the users to set regions as per their convenience. With that capability, a person sitting in India can easily set up availability for a region in USA. This helps the businesses have wider range for their services. Moreover, with the servers located in such vast number of availability zones, you can easily diversify your data around these geographical locations thereby enhancing the data security for your files and systems.

Additionally, with such wide availability, it is much easier to access the cloud from any location or region at any time, from any place and that helps you achieve significant ease, comfort, convenience, and flexibility in your workflows.

Continuous Innovation

This is one of the biggest reasons for the success of AWS and its leading market position in the cloud space. AWS never cease to innovate and come with more advanced features and functionalities for its products and services. Over the time, AWS has been successful in integrating technologies such as artificial intelligence, virtualization, machine learning, etc., into its platform and enhanced the capabilities of its servers.

With such innovations, you get unlimited capabilities with AWS which help you transform your business and scale to next levels. Businesses essentially seek such capabilities, and since they get it easy with AWS, there is no reason for them to not opt for using AWS for their cloud operations.

Higher Business Prospects with AWS Marketplace

AWS has launched an AWS Marketplace which gives the third-party service providers a perfect space for deploying their own software, services, and support to the customers. The users can go through an easy one-click deployment and launch their own software in minutes. Additionally, with the pay per use model, you pay only for what you use. So, this marketplace significantly opens up the scope for your business prospects.

Moreover, as more third-party vendors use the marketplace for deploying their software, it caters to the growth for AWS itself. Thus, the AWS Marketplace comes as a win-win for both the users as well as AWS platform, leading to success for both.


The aforementioned features clearly show where the success of AWS comes from. The bottom line is, AWS has been smart in providing its audiences just what they needed, demanded, and looked for. “Meeting the Customer Requirements and Providing them Efficient Solutions”, this has been the approach that AWS has worked with and that is what makes up for the success of the platform, taking over the cloud computing market space by huge numbers.

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