AWS Cloud Security Audit and Cost Optimization Services

Security Audit and Cost Optimization

A cloud infrastructure gives amazing capabilities to your business and makes your operations more convenient, resilient, and scalable. With AWS Cloud Solutions and Services, you can work on a pay-as-you-go model, scale up and scale down the server capacity based on resource needs so that you never have to work with under capacity or over capacity servers, and perform such other functions. All these work great for optimizing your costs. 

However, an AWS Cloud is over the web and this somehow can create issue with security, and this takes businesses on a backfoot to use these services and solutions. However, with a security audit for the cloud, you can identify all the potential threats and vulnerabilities and be prepared to prevent them. And you can get these services with Zehncloud.  

Drive Higher Value from Your Cloud Infrastructure With Constant Cloud Optimization

Working on a cloud will not be same as always. Cloud technology has been growing in scope with continuous changes and you will have to make your cloud infrastructure adapt to those changes to achieve a better performance on your cloud environment. Also, as you work on the cloud, you will find some issues and errors with it in the due course of working. So, what is necessary is that you keep maintaining your cloud by continuously optimizing it for its performance, security, and costs. And you can look up to Zehncloud to help you with that.

Our AWS Cloud Optimization Services

We have our dedicated cloud engineers for round the clock support and maintenance of your cloud infrastructure performing all the proper and necessary optimization it requires. 

Cloud Assessment and Security Audit

The first step in maintaining your cloud infrastructure is to critically analyze it for any problems or issues. Our cloud engineers perform an in-depth assessment of your cloud environment to make sure that it is free of any technical errors and bugs and is performing with its highest efficiencies.

Cost Optimization

With your operations over a virtuWith proper assessment and analysis of your cloud environment and fixing the problems and issues in it, we make sure that your cloud infrastructure is performing will with cost savings and a higher return on environment through cloud computing resources, you have a better ease of availability and accessibility. You shall no longer be faced with the needs to have huge hardware infrastructure or manage power backup or security. All this will cater to amazingly enhance your productivity. 

Compliance Assessment

There are many compliance standards that you need to gain over your cloud infrastructure to make sure that your cloud environment is serving its purpose. We help you achieve all these compliances with proper compliance assessment of your cloud infrastructure and workable recommendations on the basis of that assessment.

DevOps Strategy and Implementation

We maintain your cloud at every instance and also work on creating and deploying more reliable software. Also, we make sure that these software are always giving out high performances and are 100% uptime so that you never face any loss of accessibility and are available for your audiences. 

Why Zehncloud?

We have a well-built team of expert cloud engineers who shall be available for a 24/7 support for all your cloud services needs. Our experts are well-versed in their jobs and they keep an eye on every detail in your cloud infrastructure with proper assessments and round the clock monitoring to ensure that your infrastructure is leaving out high performance and giving you enhanced ROI with reduced costs. Furthermore, you can get high security with us and have all your compliance needs achieved. So, we are the all-in-one cloud solution for you and you are sure to love our services. 

AWS Security Audit and Cost Optimization​ Services FAQs?

One of the major benefits of using AWS cloud is its cost effectiveness. It uses a pay per use model and provides resource on demand with which you never face any limitations for server capacities. AWS Cost Optimization refers to the ability to manage and control costs thereby keeping the spends at an optimum level while leveraging the resources at their best to build modern, advanced, and scalable applications for your business operations and requirements.

AWS comes with high security features and has vast compliance guidelines. There are encryptions, key management, and threat detections to maintain the security of your cloud data, application, software, accounts, and other workflows. We make use of all the latest tools and best industry practices to maintain the security of your data and resources on AWS cloud so that you may carry out smooth operations in a secure environment.

Some of the measures you can use to optimize the costs when using AWS Cloud are:

a. Turn off the servers when they are not in use.

b. Take note of your workload and then select the right instance size according to that.

c. Use the right storage class.

d. Monitor your costs using tools like CloudWatch.

e. You can also use consolidated billing to manage the costs.