AWS DevOps and Deployment Services

Get Your Cloud Designed and Deployed Well in Line With
AWS Well Architected Framework

Do you want an AWS cloud to carry on your operations and functions with a greater ease and efficiency? Then all you need is Zehncloud working as your AWS Cloud Consulting Partner and AWS Managed Cloud Service Provider.

We have a team of experienced cloud engineers who are experts at designing, development, deployment, and support of AWS Cloud Infrastructure and they use the best industry practices, methodologies, tools and techniques in DevOps. The AWS cloud we design and deploy is conformed to the AWS Well Architected Framework and you can have a robust, functional, and reliable cloud that can greatly boost and enhance the capabilities of your operations and functions.

Our AWS Cloud DevOps and Development Solutions

With us, you can have end-to-end DevOps automation services for the development and deployment of a functional AWS Cloud right as per your requirements.

Code-Defined Infrastructure

Have your AWS Cloud designed as a code well in line with the latest DevOps tools and techniques and conforming to the AWS well-architected framework. With such code designed cloud infrastructure, you can use it for the development of multiple cloud environments. Also, you can make quick changes without any manual adjustments to the cloud model working as an infrastructure-as-a-code and apply testing and automated deployment to it.


Have efficiency in your software delivery cycles by enhancing their speed, agility, and security leveraging from the various DevOps microservices. Moreover, manage all your operations, functions, and responsibilities with the use of cloud-native infrastructures where you can enjoy a pay as you go model and scale up and scale down the usage based on your rewuirements for the resources.

Logging Monitoring

Detect the problems and failures in the performance of the AWS cloud and other DevOps microservices by keeping a continuous monitoring over it and getting a constant feedback as well with our logging monitoring services.


Achieve high performance from AWS Cloud Infrastructure and have other benefits such as reduced cost, operational excellence, reliability, accuracy and speed in functions, etc., by optimizing the cloud native applications and cloud infrastructure with our optimization services.

Continuous Delivery

Get continuous delivery of the DevOps and Deployment Services in real-time with an entirely deployment ready artifact that applies automated testing and verifications and makes sure that the deployments are faster.

AWS Cloud DevOps As a Service

Hiring DevOps engineers for the deployment and use of AWS cloud just means adding unnecessary overhead costs which could be very high. Save this for some better usage and have your cloud development and deployment needs catered to with Zehncloud providing DevOps as a Service. With our cloud engagement model, you can have the resources on demand and have them scale up and scale down as well based upon your needs. With such service, you shall never have to face under capacity or over capacity servers and the pay as you go model makes sure that your resources are put to the correct usage.

AWS DevOPS and Deployment Services FAQs?​

The term DevOps comes from the combination of “Development” and “Operations”. So, simply speaking DevOps refers to the development of an application or software while simultaneously supporting and combining IT operations with them to speed up the processes of software delivery and bring agility in them.

With the use of AWS DevOps practices and other developer tools available over the AWS cloud services platform, it has become easier for the organizations to bring speed and agility in their software delivery processes. The AWS developer tools help to automate the manual tasks and manage complex environments easily. The DevOps practices help in storing and versioning application’s source code and then it is very easy to build, test, and deploy the applications over the AWS cloud or even in the organization’s on-premise environment. Moreover, there are other DevOps tools in AWS that help create and manage an easy workflow through CD/CI pipelines.

Yes, coding knowledge is required for working with DevOps tools. The applications run on a code, so the DevOps engineers have to write codes for the development and operation of the applications and software they are to deliver. However, not every member of the team will be required to write codes, so even without a very good coding knowledge, if you possess other necessary skills, you can work in a DevOps environment.

This depends on your business needs and requirements and on what you expect from the cloud applications and software. We can have a discussion with you, analyze your business, understand your requirements, and then plan and develop a framework along with estimated time frames for your AWS DevOps and Deployment project best meeting your expectations.

This will again depend on your specific business needs, requirements, and expectations. Additionally, your budget also plays a key role. We have several packages suited to your needs and requirements. We can discuss your project with you and suggest you the best package that will provide you excellent capabilities over the AWS cloud.

We have a team of experienced and expert DevOps engineers who know the best DevOps practices and are well-versed with all the programming languages used for DevOps. Our developers can work using any language such as Python, Ruby, Scala, and C, whatever suits your requirements the best.

Yes, we provide round the clock support for all our DevOps and Deployment services and solutions. Our DevOps engineers are available to attend to your queries and problems at all times and you can reach us easily via calls, messages, emails, or any other means of communication you find convenient to seek the necessary support.