AWS Managed Cloud Services

Managing Your Cloud Infrastructure for Efficient Performance

Have your Cloud Infrastructure Installed and Have it Efficiently Managed With Us for Achieving High Performance on Your Cloud Environment?


Cloud environments have been too much in trend today and most businesses are moving to these and having a robust cloud infrastructure installed for their business operations so that they can have an improved performance and an optimized cost. However, it does not end at simply installing the cloud infrastructure. In fact, that is where it begins. 

Once you have your cloud infrastructure installed, you need to continuously monitor it and manage it to make sure that it is working right as per your needs and requirements without any interruptions or discrepancies. We, at Zehncloud help you with that with our robust AWS managed services where we take care of maintaining your complete cloud infrastructure with 24/7 support, security, patching, and monitoring so that it be managed well and give out just the performance and functioning that you expect from it. 

Our AWS Managed Services

With us, you can have your complete cloud model managed well so that you never face problems with its working at any point in time and can focus on all your other important tasks while we keep our focus on your cloud infrastructure.

cloud architecture

Cloud Architecture and Designing

We have your needs discussed and then design your cloud architecture well in line with the AWS Well Architected Framework after a complete portfolio assessment.


DevOps and Deployment

After architecting and designing the cloud infrastructure, we move you to start upon your AWS cloud journey and leverage it to the best usage with its proper development and deployment.

Support and Maintenance

24/7 Support and Maintenance

Continuously keep your business critical resources available for services to your end customers and increase your revenue and customer satisfaction with a continuous monitoring and 24/7 support and maintenance services.

Security Audit and Cost Optimization

Security Audit and Cost Optimization

Reduce your costs and boost your ROI with targeted optimization for your cloud environment through a continuous evaluation and security audit so that you could overcome any drift that could hamper the security or increase the costs.

Cloud Migration Services

Cloud Migration Services

Address your critical business needs and requirements by migrating your legacy applications, mobile backends, database, and websites to cloud infrastructures and overcome the challenges and risks that you face with the shared hosting platforms.

Why Zehncloud?

We are a team of well-experienced and expert cloud engineers who are well-versed with every aspect of managed cloud services and offer high degree of efficiency in performing them. With your cloud completely managed with our services, you can just simply operate it and have your focus on all your other important strategic jobs that require more of your attention. So, with us, you have your cloud infrastructure managed in the most efficient manner while you keep generating higher revenues and higher ROI with an enhanced focus on your strategic jobs. Also, with us, you shall never face any difficulties for we resolve them instantly with immediate responses to your queries and offer you a 24/7 support. We are a complete cloud management solution and just the cloud consulting partners that you need.

AWS Managed Cloud Services FAQs?

AWS Managed Services refer to the services that are outsources to experienced and expert professionals for the purpose of maintenance of processes and functions with the aim to improve and enhance the operations and workflows while optimizing the costs. In the context of AWS, fully managed services refer to the managed services provided in relation to the AWS cloud including the automation of common activities and functions such as the change requests, monitoring, patch management, and support to the cloud infrastructure.

Amazon Web Services list a number of services options and are highly comprehensive. They have several service models which majorly include Infrastructure as a Service, Platform as a Service, and Software as a Service. AWS Cloud Infrastructure Services are concerned with providing a robust infrastructure to maintain and manage your database, operations, and workflows. It includes the equipment and tools that keep the other systems running and ensure consistency in workflow.

AWS offers its services in various service models. The Platform as a Service is one such model which is dedicated for use by the developers to create software and applications over online development platform. With AWS Cloud Platform Services, the developers directly get a software development framework over the web which they can readily access from any place through any device with an internet connection and achieve efficiency and pace in their workflows.

AWS Managed Services handle all your operations and workflows and help achieve efficiency in the while keeping your costs reduced and optimized. With the use of AWS managed services, you can lead your organization to growth and scalability with the following benefits, including but not limited to:

a. Cost Efficiency

b. Enhanced Productivity

c. Higher Availability of Resources

d. Higher Accessibility to Resources

e. Increased Focus on Work

f. Better Resource Allocation

This depends on the services that you want to opt for. There are several AWS managed services packages that you can choose from based on your specific business needs and requirements.