How to Setup Custom CloudWatch Metric and Alarm

How to Setup Custom CloudWatch Metric and Alarm

Contents CloudWatch​ Metrics​ Alarm​ CloudWatch Agent​ Install and configure CloudWatch Agent on EC2 Instance Ubuntu​ Explanation of Code Setup CloudWatch Alarm Create a Custom Dashboard​ Conclusion​ CloudWatch Amazon CloudWatch allows you to monitor their AWS applications in the cloud, in real-time. CloudWatch is configured to monitors, store on request counts, latency, Read more…

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How to Manage System Logs with Amazon S3?

Contents Viewing Log File Contents The rsyslog Daemon The rsyslog Configuration File Creating and Testing Your Own Log Messages Rotating Log Files Manage System Logs With AWS S3 Viewing Log File Contents Linux system administrators often need to look at log files for troubleshooting purposes. In fact, this is the Read more…

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