AWS Cloud Migration Services

Go Through a Business Transformation With Efficient Cloud Migration

In this digital era where everything is over the web, why should your business lack behind? The times when operations used to run over dedicated software that you had to purchase and install on a single system are long gone. This fast-paced world demands high availability and accessibility and thus trend is towards running everything “as a service.” Businesses are increasingly moving towards cloud infrastructure and these are essentially leading them to enhanced operations and higher business performance. It is time that you too take your business to a cloud infrastructure and there is not much to do. All you require is efficient Cloud Migration Services and when you are at Zehncloud, you know that you are at the perfect place!

Our AWS Cloud Migration Services

We have a dedicated team of expert cloud engineers who are well experienced in providing all types of cloud migration services with the high efficiency and performance.

Legacy App Migration

You have some applications that you have been working on for years. They are like a legacy for your organization and you absolutely can’t do away with them. Simply take these legacy apps to the cloud for a good start to your cloud journey with our one to one legacy app migration services.

Database Migration

Your database is an extremely vital resource and asset for your organization and any discrepancies with that can run you into big losses. Keep your database safe by taking it to the cloud. We can help you easily migrate all your existing in-house Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL to RDS Arora, AWS Cloud Oracle/MySQL/PostgreSQL.

Website Migration

A website is a portfolio for your business and you always want it to be working efficiently so that you have a boosted return on investments. Migrate all your websites whether custom or CMS, intranet or public to cloud infrastructure so that you can enhance your ROI and boost your profitability.

Mobile App Backend

Mobile apps are one of the highest used applications in the world and bringing them over the cloud will make that even higher. Migrate all your heterogenous or legacy mobile application backend to well architectured AWS backends for achieving higher availability and cost-effectiveness in comparison to disperse solutions.

Cloud Migration Process We Follow

We follow a well-planned and well-defined procedure for taking you through this migration so that you get on well with your cloud journey. 

Initial Assessment

Our cloud engineers will have an in-depth discussion with you so that they can understand your existing systems and architecture, get an idea or your business needs, and have a roadmap to plan for your cloud migration journey.

Planning and Designing

Once we get a roadmap, we plan and design a complete AWS architecture for you which has a cloud environment entirely customized for your needs regarding security, compliances, cost efficiency, speed, performance, and the like parameters.


After the creation of final architecture for your cloud environment we finally move on to creating a production-ready cloud environment and complete the migration to make your AWS cloud infrastructure go live on the AWS.

Why Zehncloud?

We have an expert team of experienced cloud developers who work as your cloud consulting partners and stay available for a 24/7 support. With our cloud services you can be sure about the security of your cloud environment and be assured that it is well-maintained at every instance. Cloud environments are great in boosting your business’ ROI and with us you can achieve that in highly efficient ways.

AWS Cloud Migration Services FAQs?

AWS data migration services help migrate the databases from on-premise systems to cloud infrastructures and platforms with ease and convenience while ensuring that there is no data loss. It helps to continuously replicate the data and consolidate it into a single data warehouse in Amazon S3 or Amazon Redshift.

AWS migration services help you lift and shift your existing servers, applications, databases, systems, and resources to a cloud server using different AWS migration tools and techniques to provide you higher efficiencies in work at reduced costs.

Being on AWS cloud can bring tremendous benefits to your organization. It can help derive cost and work efficiencies by making the resources more available and accessible. With your operations over AWS cloud, your business can achieve profitability and scalability with more robust solutions that are readily available. It is for these benefits of AWS that AWS cloud migration must be a preferred cloud service.