Find the Secret to Accelerated Business Growth with Strategic AWS Cloud Adoption
AWS Cloud Adoption


Cloud Adoption has been growing increasingly with almost 90% of the company’s operating over cloud platforms and the statistics continuously going up. However, while businesses adopt cloud solutions and services to leverage compute power for operational efficiency and business growth, many cloud adoptions fail drastically as the organizations move forward in their cloud journey.

Fewer organizations are able to reach cloud maturity and a very high percentage of businesses working on cloud lag in their cloud journey which ultimately takes away the scope of unlimited and accelerated business growth from them.

However, even when running into problems, it’s difficult to set things right since organizations don’t have a clear insight into where did they go wrong. Well, the root cause for cloud adoption failing most of the times is an impractical and unplanned approach to the same.

If you want to achieve success with your cloud adoption and accelerate your business growth, what you really need is a highly strategical and planned approach. But how do you go about that?

Well, here’s the secret to having a strategic cloud adoption that will help you reach cloud maturity and accelerate your business growth.

How to Plan Your Cloud Adoption Strategy for Accelerated Business Growth?

While cloud computing goes a long way in helping you achieve business scalability and growth, the success of it and how rapidly it comes to you depends a lot on your cloud adoption strategy.

The better you are able to adopt to the AWS Cloud, the more accelerated your business growth. So, how do you plan the best cloud adoption strategy?

Follow the tips explained hereunder.

Take Control of Your Cloud Platform

When you are planning to adopt cloud for your operations and workflows, it’s pretty easy to lose control over the resources, software, and applications you are deploying to the cloud. Everything comes over an online platform where accessibility and availability is much higher, easier, and flexible. So, anyone could be using the cloud resources at any time. Moreover, the users can be launching newer instances and servers, creating more storage and databases, and perform more testing and experiments. This not only can lead to a cloud cost creep due to unbudgeted and unplanned use of cloud resources but can even make your platform vulnerable to security threats and issues.

So, when adopting cloud, you need to have a strategy that keeps the platform in your control. You must be well aware of how the cloud resources and services are being used. You must have a clear insight related to the cloud servers, their active or inactive status, storage space taken and in use, as well as the vulnerabilities your platform is exposed to, so you can take measured and timely actions for curbing them. Additionally, you must be able to present all these insights available with you to your teams in a very clear, concise, and detailed manner, so they can understand the business requirements, cloud usage, and use the services in an efficient, effective, and controlled manner.

Another very crucial aspect in taking the control over your cloud infrastructure is managing the costs accruing with the adoption of the cloud. You need to make sure that you are within your cloud budgets and implement cost optimization strategies to keep the costs in control and prevent your organization from falling into the cloud cost creep. You can be sure of the cloud cost management by adopting cost optimization strategies and taking AWS Cost Optimization Services at the hands of expert, experienced, and certified cloud professionals.

Keep Up with Cloud Security and Compliance

Despite the best security features and functionalities available over the AWS cloud platform, businesses often run into cloud security and compliance issues when adopting the AWS cloud and moving forward in their journey. However, the fact that needs to be given thought to here is if the security failures and breaches are due to some glitch in AWS security features or it’s your business that’s failing to use the security features correctly?

Well, in most cases, the failures and issues come from the organization that is adopting the cloud. The staff and employees are not well aware or well trained for the use of cloud resources and services and with the new flexibility available to them, they start using the resources as they please without actually going through the security and compliance guidelines. So, it’s crucial to make your staff go through with the necessary training required for a successful cloud adoption.

It’s also a good approach to go through the AWS’s Shared Responsibility Model before cloud adoption. This way, you shall be well aware about the security and compliances that shall be managed by AWS or the cloud vendor as well as the compliances that fall on your part of the management. With this shared responsibility model, it shall become easier for you to go keep up the cloud security, go through with a smooth cloud adoption, and move forward in the journey towards rapid cloud maturity and accelerated business growth.

Some other measures that you can adopt for managing your cloud security are enabling multi-factor authentication, end-to-end encryption, and limiting the access to cloud resources and data to authorized personnel and sources.


Basically, when it comes to achieving cloud success, it’s all about how efficiently you are managing and controlling your cloud infrastructure and environment. When you are able to keep up with efficient and secure use of your cloud resources at optimized and reduced costs, you are bound to achieve cloud maturity and business growth. So, efficient cloud monitoring, management, and control, that’s the ultimate secret for accelerating your business growth with cloud adoption! Happy Computing!

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