How AWS Contributes to Leading a Successful Startup?


Startups come as the most risky business plan and it takes courage to bring that plan into action. Your startup could be merely an innovative idea which may require a lot of research and understanding on your part and you know that’s a long way to go. On the top of it, you may probably lack the budget as well as the technical expertise that is essential to take your business up a notch. 

Basically, as a startup, you are in a difficult position for you need the money to hire necessary resources, source the infrastructure, work on product and service development, and keep supporting constant operations. Additionally, you have to invest in marketing and promotions to create your niche in the competitive business environment. And talking about profits in the initial stages is almost out of question. The focus at the very beginning remains to breakeven. With all these complications, the only option that remains with the startups is to start with huge investment and keep on doing that, which involves too much struggle, or to just take a step back and close it down before it could actually even start. These complications are a big reason for most of the startups failing and giving in to bigger businesses. However, AWS Managed Cloud Services come as a savior for startups. 

AWS Cloud Services have entirely transformed the ways businesses run and manage their workflows. With the on-demand availability of resources at any time and any place along with unlimited scalability, it’s become easier, flexible, and more convenient for businesses to ceaselessly carry on with their workflows, bring operational efficiency, and lead to business growth and success. These features of AWS go a long way in transforming the processes for startups as well and help them tread the path to growth and success. 

Here is how AWS helps startups in easily growing their business and lead to growth, profitability, and success. 

Reasons Your Startup Must Use AWS

It has Everything that Your Startup Needs to Kickstart

Let’s have a brief list of things your startup will need to kickstart. You’ll need resources, infrastructure, and various other IT components, tools, and solutions to support you with product and services development.

AWS has it all!

With its wide range of products and services offerings, you can have everything you need for your startup. You can have all your IT components, software, and tools over the AWS Cloud Infrastructure. With the AWS services available over remotely located web servers that you can access at any time, from any place, with any device having a stable internet connection, you do not have to set up any infrastructure. This in turn saves huge capital expenditures and helps you with managing finances and investments as well.

Moreover, with the advanced features and functionalities in every product and service of AWS, you can unleash the best capabilities for your business development and lead it to growth and success.

You can Play Around with Lower Budgets and Investments

Budgets and Investments come as a huge constraint for startups and are one of the major reasons that startups fail. Not with AWS!

With AWS, you can easily play within low budgets. AWS Managed Cloud Services follow a pay as you go model and you are billed only for your actual server usage. You can turn on the servers when you need them and terminate them after your jobs are accomplished. Moreover, you can easily scale up and scale down the servers based on resource needs. So, you never have to over provision or deal with under capacity resources, which again helps you manage finances.

Moreover, since the resources are shared among a number of users, so are the costs. This shared cost for AWS infrastructure lowers down the costs further and helps with cost savings. AWS subsequently passes on the savings to its customers thereby generating higher traction and leads which helps AWS as well grow and brings in chances for more low-priced services with top notch capabilities, functionalities, and features.

Basically, AWS covers every area to help you operate with lower budgets while optimizing and reducing the costs further. This goes a long way in driving success for your startup.

You Can Easily Understand and Get On with AWS

With AWS, you don’t really have to get into too much of technicalities or even worry about managing your cloud infrastructures and resources. All of this is taken care of by the third-party vendor you are taking the AWS managed cloud services from and you can keep your focus on the tasks and jobs that actually keep importance.

With better focus on your important and strategic jobs, you can achieve higher efficiency in your operations and workflows which in turn leads to business scalability, growth, and success.

With AWS, You Can Go On With “Hit and Try” Attitude

As a startup, you need to test and verify a lot of things before you can actually finalize them. As you go through your product and service development phase, you need to continuously test the products and make modifications and enhancements to them before they can finally reach the delivery stage. AWS makes this easy for you.

With AWS, you can easily set up as many testing environments you want and keep working on your products ceaselessly. You can use these environments as you want and even abandon them at any point in time if you are not satisfied with the product after all the testing and development.

So, you can grow gradually at your own pace keeping the hit and try attitude unless you have your product have its own niche in the marketplace.


With all these features and functionalities, AWS makes it really easy for the startup to grow their business and achieve success. All you need is to know leveraging the full capabilities of this scalable platform and you can overcome every constraint you could be facing in bringing success to your startup and make sure that you grow exponentially.

If you are a startup and considering using AWS Managed Cloud Services, get in touch to get the expert, professional help for leveraging the platform at its best with the team of AWS Certified DevOps Engineers at ZehnCloud.

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