How to Automate AWS Cloud Migration with CloudEndure?

AWS Migration With AWS CloudEndure

AWS Migration has been at its core in the recent times. With the growth of cloud computing and scalable capabilities of AWS cloud, businesses are increasingly seeking to move their on-premise resources to the cloud. However, the migration requires a great deal of technical knowledge and expertise and other cloud migration tools to be carried out smoothly. This is where came in the importance for automated tools for cloud migration, so that the process becomes easier and seamless for the businesses.

CloudEndure is a highly automated migration tool owned by AWS to carry out the lifting and shifting and rehosting your machines from an on-premise environment to the AWS cloud. You simply have to get the valid licenses and during the period of licenses you can easily carry out the migration steps by replicating the machines over cloud, conducting tests, and performing a scheduled cutover to complete the migration process.

This article will give you a complete overview and insight on how to perform the process with CloudEndure Migration smoothly. So, let’s get started!

Understanding CloudEndure Migration and Its Working

CloudEndure Migration is an automated migration tool that works through an agent to support both migration from on-premise environment to AWS as well as migration from cloud-based environments. You need not reboot or worry about any performance impact on your source environment when you are using CloudEndure. Here is how it works.

  1. The CloudEndure Agent will connect to the CloudEndure User Console.
  2. After getting connected, the User Console will issue an API call to the targeted AWS Region.
  3. As the API call is issued, it creates a Staging Area where all the replicated data is received in your AWS account.

Automate Hosting with CloudEndure Migration

This process consists of three steps and as you move through these steps, you move towards the completed of your migration process. The Automation of AWS Cloud Migration with CloudEndure Migration takes place in these steps:

  1. Installing the CloudEndure Agent
  2. Configuring and Testing the Target Machine Settings
  3. Performing the Cutover to Complete the Migration

Install CloudEndure Agent

Take the following steps to install a CloudEndure Agent for starting the migration process.

  1. You will need license to use CloudEndure Migration. So, register for the CloudEndure Migration license. This license is free and it is very easy to register for the license. You have to get into the CloudEndure User Console. You can do this by using your email id and simultaneously creating a username and a password for the user console. This user console is also the system through which you can create and manage all your cloud migration projects.

  2. After you are logged in to your user console, you need the AWS access key ID and secret access key so that you can connect the migration to your AWS account. For this, create an IAM user id after signing into your AWS Management Console. You will find the credentials here. Enter them into the user console in CloudEndure.

  3. You will see your replication settings. Configure and save them for your entire project. After this, the CloudEndure automatically prompts for the installation of CloudEndure Agent on the source machines for the migration.

  4. Run the following command to download the CloudEndure Agent Installer at this stage.
    wget -O ./

  5. After this, run this installer using the below command:
    sudo python ./ -t –no-prompt

This will complete the installation of the CloudEndure Agent and the source machines will automatically get added to the CloudEndure User Console, and the replication of data starts from there.

The data replication is an entirely automated process that completes in two stages. Firstly, there is an Initial Sync wherein the data from all the source disks is replicated and copied into the EBS in the staging area. Then there is a continuous data replication, where the source machines are tracked and any new data is replicated into the same EBS volumes.

You can track this data replication from your user console by choosing machines and then clicking on view details. With each progress, the data replication statuses keep changing indicating whether they are ready for testing or not.

Configuration and Testing

Take the following steps for launching the machines in the Test Mode

  1. Go to your CloudEndure User Console and Choose Machines.
  2. Check the boxes alongside the names of the machines that you want to test.
  3. Click on Launch Target Machines.
  4. A drop-down list will appear. In that choose Test Mode.

The process is automated, machines will get tested, and then CloudEndure will update the status for each of the machines.

Performing the Cutover ​

You are towards the completion of your AWS cloud migration process at this stage. Take the following steps to perform the cutover.

  1. Go to your CloudEndure User Console and Choose Machines.
  2. Check the boxes alongside the names of all the machines that you have tested and click on Launch Target Machines.
  3. From the drop-down list, choose Cutover Mode this time.

The cutover gets completed in an automated manner. After this remember to remove the CloudEndure Agent that you had installed in the first stage from your machines as well as the user console.


When done with all of this, you are successfully migrated to AWS cloud and can start leveraging its capabilities. However, even with the automated process, there are technicalities involved and its best to take help from AWS Cloud Migration Services because the professionals best know the use of CloudEndure Migration Tool and can make sure that the automated migration is carried out in a seamless and smooth manner without any errors, issues, or loopholes.

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