How to Use AWS to Maximize Your Business Output and Profitability?


Enhanced Output, Scalability, Profitability, Growth… These are goals and objectives common to every business organization. When you come with a business plan, launch it, your ultimate vision and mission is to grow it at scale. That is what every business out there is competing for. And in that attempt, you look for leveraging every new technology out there in marketplace in a manner of maximizing your output and profitability. You look for ways to bring operational efficiency at reduced and optimized costs and there are other strategies you apply constantly. But that’s something every business is doing. So, what’s new with you?

This is a competitive business environment which is fast, dynamic, and ever-changing, and if you want to survive this you need to come with proactive ideas and measures that support exponential growth. And one phenomenal way for achieving that is using Cloud Computing Technology.

Cloud Computing has never stopped growing and helping the businesses grow ever since its inception. With the power of compute, it is just easier to manage your resources, making better use of them at optimized costs while achieving operational efficiencies. As you achieve these capabilities, you are sure to bring scalability and profitability to your business.

Now, when you talk about cloud computing, you can never let AWS go off your mind. That’s just the best platform to leverage the power of the phenomenal cloud systems and services. But again, every business is using cloud and AWS. So, how will this be beneficial for you? How can you leverage AWS for your business growth and success?

This article will discuss all in detail on using AWS to Maximize Business Output and Profitability in 2020.

Use AWS to Maximize Business Output and Profitability in 2020

Many businesses use cloud computing solutions for their operations, however, most of them use it over a shared hosting platform. Now, that’s okay if you want to keep playing in some small puddle, but if you want to take a deeper dive into the bigger oceans, then going big is important, and this is where AWS comes in.

AWS is just a different experience and it helps your business become more competitive, faster, and leaner. Moreover, with the scalability of AWS, you have the capabilities to expand and grow infinitely because you have unlimited access to the resources and you can use them at your whims and convenience. So, AWS indeed is a great platform to leverage, only if you know doing that right!

How to Leverage AWS for Business Growth?

There are several aspects for the use of AWS and you need to cover them all well to have your best bet with this phenomenal cloud system.

Cloud Architecture

When it comes to the cloud architecture, all you need to do is, focus on the three “D’s”.


When you are working on the development of the backend systems for the cloud infrastructure, you need to build them in a way that they are able to support your platforms and applications to not simply be competitive, but be beyond competitive to cater to the best experiences with faster performance from the functionality perspective.


The design of the system matters a lot to determine their ease of use and the experience they are delivering to the administrators as well as the end users. You need to design systems with robust, functional, and innovative UI/UX which allow the admins and the users to easily understand the systems without leaving any scope for confusions and navigate through them with flexibility, convenience, and clarity.


A major roadblock that can come in leveraging AWS at its best is not getting the deployment right. You get so tangles in launches and relaunches that your systems are just not able to take pace while the constant relaunching taking up extra costs. So, what you need is a perfect deployment plan to launch the system right the first time so that you can minimize the time to market and the systems remain fast, rapid, and goal-oriented.

Cloud Security

The cloud security comes as a major concern for every business. Whether you are a healthcare organization, an e-commerce business, or any other business in any industry vertical handling sensitive data and information, one of the most important things you will look for is the security of your systems.

A shared hosting environment does not provide that, and that is one big reason for using AWS. With AWS you can be assured about the security of your data and system. However, you cannot just leave it to the platform. You need to take offensive and defensive notary grade cyber security measures to make sure your systems are secure. This simply means that you must keep your systems compliant before anyone can come around to peep into your documentations and other important files, and you must do this before you go for a security audit, so that the systems are well protected.

Also, you need to have hardened systems and practices in place that can withstand any kind of cyber-attacks. Being offensive will mean keeping your systems complied and then you have to be defensive enough to handle any kind of breaches.

Yet another aspect will be data privacy. When someone takes to your systems, they trust that their data is safe with you. Also, you have your own data in your systems and it is critical to keep that private. So, this is something that must be at the core of managing the security for your cloud environment. You must make sure to use measures such as encryption, password protection, authorization, etc., to maintain the privacy of data available in your systems.

Cloud Monitoring and Support

Monitoring your systems for their performance is yet another important area to know if they are working as per expectations and in any way leading you towards your goal or not. And in case there are any fluctuations from what you have expected of your systems, monitoring is the only way to know them and rectify them so that you can move back to accomplishing your goals.

One reason that businesses are not able to achieve growth even with robust, functional, strong, and scalable systems and platforms like AWS incorporated into their internal business environment is that these systems are not well monitored and maintained. This mistake has not to be a roadblock for you.

When you use AWS, make sure that you have a dedicated support team of experienced cloud engineers to monitor your systems 24/7 so that the problems can be identified and rectified before they can actually become a threat to the systems.

The maintenance of systems is also very important with the proper application of necessary and critical security patches so that any business-critical issues are solved immediately.

Cost Optimization

Cost Optimization is one of the major pillars of AWS that supports the business growth, scalability, and profitability. As you use AWS, you can leverage the resources with an on-demand availability. Also, you can build custom efficiency architecture for the resource usage so that you never overpay for any of the cloud applications, functionalities, or software.

As the costs will be mitigated, you can move on to lowering your costs while the efficiency of your operations with an improved resource usage enhances. So, you use maximum power from the AWS cloud at minimal costs which in turn caters to maximizing your business output.


So, from the foregoing, it’s natural and obvious that AWS is the future for businesses in 2020 and can cater to tremendous growth, only if you are using the systems right with the best practices. So, use the tips, follow the practices, and leverage AWS to maximize business output and profitability in 2020. All the Best!

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