Improve Cloud Security With These Methods
AWS Cloud Security Services

Security breaches have become quite common these days and they continue to hamper almost every technology, including cloud technologies. There is no exception, and no matter how prominent your technology is, there is always a certain level of vulnerability to these security threats and breaches.

In this article, we are going to focus on security threats posed by cyber-criminals and associated way-outs for cloud technologies and infrastructures.

Why Does Cloud Storage Needs to Be Secure?

With cloud storage, all your data is stored on a cloud instead of any on-site location. Cloud storage is secure and protects your data if there is any local disaster. Hence, its security becomes very important.  

So, cloud storage, if secured, can stay protected from any kind of breach and threat to data.  

Who Needs Cloud Security?

Cloud security is important for everyone, whether it is a business or a private person. Every individual wants his data to be secure; and for businesses, it becomes an obligation to keep the data secure otherwise in case of data breaches, they might face heavy fines from regulating agencies leading to significant loss both in terms of reputation and resources.

Here Are Some of The Cloud Errors and Ways to Prevent

Security is one of the most important components of your cloud infrastructure. You should always be vigilant and you should keep updating your cloud infrastructure to prevent any sort of cyber-attack. You should always follow the best practices and you will eventually thrive and you will face no security breaches ever.

Human Error

Human error remains one of the most significant factors that lead to data compromise and breaches in the cloud system. Human error steeps whenever compromised, and therefore wrong credentials increase. Cyber fraudulent use these data and credentials to hijack the entire data structure and the cloud user accounts.

If your AWS cloud infrastructure is not equipped with a proper security system, the chances of attacks by cybercriminals increases. Moreover, a weak security system also leads to more human errors.

Enterprises must be given prior knowledge about the functioning of the cloud infrastructure, and the users must be bound under rigorous policies for using the cloud infrastructure.

Advanced analytics

Most of the companies use various security products like Antivirus software and data loss prevention tools to protect their AWS cloud infrastructure. These methods reduce data breaches but these methods also result in the development of large data that makes it little difficult to predict data breaches.

To have a more accurate understanding, companies must use data analytics to predict threats more precisely. They can use technologies like UEBA to make sure that they have a strict control over their entire infrastructure.


Security breaches and attempts are continuous, so your security process for cloud infrastructure must be continuous too. Proper analysis and a rigorous approach towards security maximization ensure that the enterprises make better and precise decisions in real-time.

This approach helps organizations to onboard and give access to those users who are legitimate.

Detect and then Prevent

Given the potential threat that cybercriminals pose to the cloud infrastructure, companies are focusing on the detection and prevention model of security. Technologies like machine learning are being leveraged at the utmost to detect threats.

Shared Technologies and Impact

Various instances have proved that security is often breached and compromised while using cloud models such as SaaS. These models are provided through shared platforms which makes them vulnerable to security breaches.

Serverless Applications

Serverless apps are vulnerable to cyber-attacks. Across a network, they are vulnerable to attacks on data in transit.

Information Wars

Information wars have become one of the deciding factors of cybersecurity. It puts data vulnerable to thefts to gain advantages in various ways.

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

ML and AI also face security breaches at various instances. However, machine learning and artificial intelligence are leading the fight against cybercriminals.

Machine learning and artificial intelligence helps professionals by identifying the theft and potential attacks on the cloud system.

Ransomware Attacks

Ransomware campaigns run by criminals are less expensive for them and helps them target such cloud infrastructures that have high net-worth and impactful data.

Ransomware technologies have found ways to sabotage industries and their cloud infrastructure.


Blockchain also has faced security threats and breaches. But blockchain technology is a very effective technology against security breaches and data hacks. In the blockchain, data is stored in a decentralized manner and is distributed. This prevents data hacking at mass and there are almost no chances of data tampering.

Blockchain is still not leveraged at its optimum potential, but it can change the game for data security on the cloud.

Consequences Of Not Having A Secured Cloud Infrastructure

There is a high chance that your cloud would be hacked and important data would be lost if your cloud is not secured. Losing data and getting hacked is something that cannot be tackled easily.

Whenever your cloud infrastructure is breached, your company falls, your customers move away, and there are high chances that your company might shut down.


AWS cloud and other cloud platforms are significantly used as data digitization has enhanced more than ever. In the scenario that prevails today, attacks on these cloud platforms and infrastructure have increased tremendously.

To make sure that these attacks are neutralized, a well-planned and technology-driven approach needs to be adopted. Taking the maximum advantage of AI, ML, and blockchain technologies, data security and cloud security should be maximized to prevent such breaches.

Along with that, there are many Cloud security service providers available around the world who help you to secure cloud data.

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