The Perfect Formula for Driving Business Agility through AWS Cloud
Drive Business Agility with AWS CLoud


In the competitive and fast-paced business environment, agility plays a key role in driving growth and success to your business. You have always heard of agile development, agile operations, agile growth, and terms like that. One thing that stays common among all these terms is agility. When your business operations are agile that simply means they are faster, more flexible, and cater to excellent user experiences. Having business agility comes with innumerous advantages for your organization.

Benefits of Having Business Agility

When you are able to achieve business agility, it becomes easier to prioritize your tasks and make faster deliveries. Moreover, you can keep a constant check on your operations and that helps you eliminate the projects that are not running and make scope for newer opportunities and initiatives. With business agility, you can leverage the following business advantages:

  1. Adding more projects to the funnel thereby increasing business reach and profitability
  2. Moving the projects faster within the funnel for quick deliveries and driving customer satisfaction
  3. Keeping a check on project performance thereby reducing risks of failure or project cancellation
  4. Optimizing the costs for projects, operations, and workflows

So, business agility comes as a key to business growth and success and it’s important that you aim at it by making your processes and operations more flexible, available, and faster.

Cloud Computing is one way to go for it. Cloud holds a large share in the market space and that’s continuously growing. Businesses are moving to cloud environments considering the operational flexibility and ease that’s available due to resources being on shared networks in an online environment.

With your business operations over cloud, you can easily have any number of resources and servers you want while making sure that you are working at reduced and optimized cost with the pay per use models followed by cloud services. So, cloud goes a long way in driving business agility, and the best way to have this agility come faster to your business is opting for AWS Cloud.

AWS is the leading cloud services platform owning 32% of the cloud space and has hundreds of unique and scalable services, features, and functionalities listed over it. So, with AWS, business agility comes pretty automatically to you, if you just know the perfect formula for driving the same.

Here’s the perfect formula that you need.

The Formula for Driving Business Agility Through AWS Cloud

Budgets and Investments come as a huge constraint for startups and are one of the major reasons that startups fail. Not with AWS!

With AWS, you can easily play within low budgets. AWS Managed Cloud Services follow a pay as you go model and you are billed only for your actual server usage. You can turn on the servers when you need them and terminate them after your jobs are accomplished. Moreover, you can easily scale up and scale down the servers based on resource needs. So, you never have to over provision or deal with under capacity resources, which again helps you manage finances.

Moreover, since the resources are shared among a number of users, so are the costs. This shared cost for AWS infrastructure lowers down the costs further and helps with cost savings. AWS subsequently passes on the savings to its customers thereby generating higher traction and leads which helps AWS as well grow and brings in chances for more low-priced services with top notch capabilities, functionalities, and features.

Basically, AWS covers every area to help you operate with lower budgets while optimizing and reducing the costs further. This goes a long way in driving success for your startup.

Component 1: Procurement Speed 

AWS Cloud provides you resources on demand on a pay per use basis So it’s easy to procure the resources as per needs and requirements. Having speed in this procurement will make it easier further. Your users will be able to immediately get the resources they need, create new projects, launch new servers, and work on them with flexibility and convenience. This will in turn bring productivity in workflows and operational efficiency that makes up for business agility. 

Component 2: Proper Resource Mix 

Your business comes across workloads of all kinds and different workloads have different needs and requirements. So, you need different resources and instances for keeping the workloads running smoothly and in an organized way. So, plan your workloads, look through your resource requirements, and then create the instances with a proper resource mix. 

AWS has different types of instances and using them intelligibly can cater to managing any kind of workloads. So, go with a technical and strategic approach when planning your instances. 

With well-planned instances and better managed workloads over AWS, you can easily achieve operational productivity and efficiency thereby driving business agility. 

Component 3: Keep Scope for Experimentation 

Business Agility is all about experimenting and finding yourself new opportunities and grabbing them as they come your way. So, you need to have a platform that allows you the scope for testing your business’ operational abilities and keep enhancing them at scale. AWS makes it easier to go with this testing and experimentation providing open instances and servers to create test environments and work over them to launch newer initiatives that could drive business transformation, growth and scalability with an enhanced business agility. 


So, all you need to bring agility to your business is speed in your operations with better management of workloads and a vast scope for testing and experimentation. AWS Cloud makes it easier to get all of this at minimal and optimized costs. Moreover, it continuously provides features and functionalities that help you enhance the speed and flexibility in your workloads and caters to driving higher business agility. All you require is the intelligible use of platform, and there the platform gives in to provide business growth and success at scale.

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